Cookie production line operation process and cleaning steps

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The biscuit production line is from feeding to three times of pressing surface forming sieve sugar, transportation, scrap recycling, cooperative tunnel baking oven for baking, fuel injection, cooling, mechanical and electrical integration, automatic closing, biscuit thickness is adjustable, mechanical speed can be Fast and slow adjustment, and a series of advanced equipment such as automatic temperature control.


    The biscuit production line is controlled by stepless speed regulation, with high degree of automation and stable quality. It is made of excellent materials and partially made of 304 stainless steel. The biscuit crisping machine depends on the different molds, and the biscuit molding machine can form different types of soft biscuits (grease biscuits). The biscuit crisping sticking machine is mainly used for the roll-off forming of crisp biscuits. The biscuit crisping sticking machine will adjust the dough which has been adjusted by the powder regulating machine, and form a biscuit blank of various shapes and different grams by roll printing. The biscuit crisping stick printing machine is simple in structure, and it is equipped with conditioning equipment to adjust the best position.


    The biscuit production line is composed of a biscuit molding machine, a tunnel type hot air circulation electric oven, a fuel injection machine, a turning machine, a cooling line, a biscuit finishing machine, a biscuit sandwich machine, a packaging table and the like. At the same time, the cleaning of the biscuit production line is also very necessary. In the cleaning, you can follow the following steps:


1. The biscuit production line should take out the filter regularly and clean it. However, it should be noted that the fuselage machine's body is completely cooled, which is the best time to clean. To flush back, rinse off the impurities on the filter. Gently brush the filter with a brush if necessary.


    2. After the filter is cleaned, it should be put back into the machine in time, and pay attention to the position.


    3. When cleaning, pay attention to the removal of debris, do a good job of collecting impurities, and the site must be cleaned after the operation.


    4. If the stirring blade in the biscuit production line is difficult to clean, wash it several times. Do not use abrasive cleaning agent and hard wool fabric to avoid damage to the non-stick layer and affect the next mixing and cleaning effect.


    Biscuits are convenient foods in our daily lives, and they are especially popular for both adults and children. Therefore, the biscuit industry will never decline, then the natural biscuit production line will also be a sunrise industry in the machinery industry, never decline.







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