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Chuangyu Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. And it's located in Beachwai Industrial Zone,Province.mainly engaged in the production and sales of automation equipment Zhoujun County, Pengjiang Tangxia Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province.


Jiangmen is located in the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta is one of the central cities of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone.This special geographical location and the Pearl River Delta reform and development planning framework promulgated and implemented, given the positioning ofkey development areas of the Jiangmen advanced manufacturing, and face the problem oflabor shortage, automation equipment, it is important not wait. And face to this a market demand, Chuangyu Automation Machinery Co., Ltd established officially in 2009.


Our company has plant area of3000 square meters, more than 80 employees.  Including 38 engineering and technical personnel, management staff of20, and our company is  a  professional production and sales of automation equipment manufacturers and face to productionpersonnel-intensive enterprises to provide users with automated production systems professional solutions and equipment. Our company also provides the solution to solve the problem  of the lack ofpersonnel, reduce labor intensity, improves production efficiency. Our production area covers machinery, electronics, pharmaceutical, food industry, and sold throughout the country.


Our company provides customers with matching the production of  automated packaging equipment,  such as cooling conveyor line, biscuit finishing machine, automatic system in dire straits, stuffing material automatic conveying system, automatic packing equipment and other automation equipment.


Since its establishment, the efforts of all the staff together, the performance of the company grows rapidly. In the mean time, Chaungyu strive to steady development, and committed to the company's corporate culture to build and establish a sound corporate mechanism. Our goal is to create high-quality management team and research and developmentteam. In management, we provide good training and development opportunities for employees to enhance the literacy of employees as a whole, and strive to create a good working environment and living environment so that employees and grow with the company. Meanwhile, the company actively involved in community charity events,arranging some posts of employment ofpersons with disabilities, assisting the poor to help students to establish a good overallimage.   

What can we do for you?

Facing production personnel intensive enterprise, our company for the enterprise users with automatic production system professional solutions and equipment, solve the problem of the lack of personnel, improve the production efficiency, the products involve mechanical, electronic, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.

At present for enterprise development needs, researchers expanded, and invite you to join.





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